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"I started writing you last week but got distracted. I did however post rave reviews on some site when we got back but I don't remember which one. I have to tell you that we were so very delighted with our experience at your program. You and your entire staff were so accommodating and showed genuine concern over everyone there. You made everyone feel so very comfortable and welcome. You made such a difficult task look so easy. Kudos to you and your entire staff. We were especially impressed with Mickey Montal and his entire family. The food was amazing, from the delicious hemishe cooking, to the beautiful presentation, to the wide variety of selections of entrees at each meal. We were particularly grateful for the sugar free items that were included at most meals and snacks. The to go menus were also amazing. The best we have ever had.
We also were so pleased with the new conference center and outdoor space. My husband was most pleased with the lecture series. All and all, we had a great time. We have told everyone how wonderful your program was and that we would definitely go back again. Thank you for making our Pesach so enjoyable. Wishing you and yours the best of everything always."

Sincerely, J & S.S & the R family, Florida

"I wanted to reach out to you upon my return home but life happened. I want to thank you for the hospitality and let you know how impressed I was by the quality and selection of food you had available throughout the time we were there - it was fantastic!"

Wishing you continued success, I.J., Canada

"A note of thanks for our first 'away' Passover. We loved the fact that it was lay back and was wonderful for our celebration with the family of our 50th anniversary. We hope to see if we can return again."

Well done, C.M., Florida

"I didn't see you the last day. I wanted to actually thank you in person for the wonderful program. My family and I had a great time and we look forward to doing it again with you."

A.G., New York

"Thank you so much for a very good and pleasant experience over Pesach. We enjoyed every moment and look forward to joining you again next year."

D.L., Florida

"Thank you so much for the most wonderful holiday, service and food. We are interested in coming out next Pesach. Do you have dates/prices/program yet? "

Kindest regards, M.B., United Kingdom

"Thank you for the most enjoyable and memorable Pesach."

E.C., Michigan

"I keep meaning to write and tell you what a fabulous time we all had. My wife is still telling everyone how fantastic it was--which I am sure will continue this weekend when we see our summer neighbors. If the calendar works out with tax season, we will surely return. Enjoy the rest of the year."

My best, P.G., New York

"Thank you for the photos. I knew we'd be looking as happy as could be. We had a great time and the program was really amazing. It was a grand experience. Everything was taken care of in such detail and with such care."

G.S., New York

"Thank you so much! We had a wonderful stay and would definitely come again."

All the best, The T. Family, Maryland

"Thank you guys. It was an unforgettable experience."

D.A., Australia

"Thank you for the family pics. They are great. We had a wonderful time during Pesach. The staff was great. The lectures stimulating. Fabulous menu. I am trying to find something to complain about, BUT I CANNOT."

Regards to all, A.A., New York

"All members of our family are back at their routine lives, so on behalf of all of us we would like to say that you run a very nice Pesach program that was enjoyed by all of us. The meals were great and the speakers were entertaining and educational. From all the Pesach programs that we have been on, yours was most accommodating as you went out of your way to please everyone. We are looking forward to future Pesachs with you."

J.Z., Michigan

"Well, it was another perfect Pesach. The weather couldn't have been better, the food was great and the hotel staff and waiters were fantastic as always. Even with the added number of people everything went seamlessly! Great Job. Now we just have to count the days till next year."

R.S., New York

"On behalf of our entire family, I wanted to thank your entire team for our recent experience with Pesach away from our home. You are all pros and it worked out even better than we imagined."

S.H., Jerusalem

"Thank you for a wonderful Pesach! Our family had an amazing time with terrific programming, delicious food and great staff! We hope to be able to join you in the future. Thanks again."

D.K., New Jersey

"We had a wonderful time and want to thank you for everything. Being our first time we were not sure what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised we had no surprises. You did everything we asked for and made the trip a success. Thank you."

M.F., Illinois

"I want to thank you for everything you did to make the Yom Tov so beautiful and so enjoyable. We are amazed at what a great job Mickey does in the kitchen - and we both agree that no one could possibly do any better. Now we just have to take off the pounds. We had a great time and look forward to coming back next year."

J.W., New York

"We are now back in Colorado for the summer. We had a lovely time with you. The food, programs, services and guests were great. Have a good summer."

K.S., Colorado

"Our families had a wonderful time and want to thank you. The location of the rooms were perfect for the kids. And thanks again for arranging for the hair stylist."

L.S., New York

"We very much enjoyed our stay and especially want to commend your staff for their help and kindness to a couple of elderly people."

M.N., Florida

"Thanks for the excellent location you placed us and all the great work you do. Well done."

H.B., New York

"Thanks Elite: Great job (once again). B'lee Nedar, see you next year!!!!!!!"

S.M., Ohio

"I just want to thank you for a wonderful Passover. We have never been to a resort for Passover before as my husband is generally working (he is a pulpit rabbi) so you can imagine what a treat this was for all of us. Fortunately this year he is on sabbatical which presented an opportunity that we normally don't have. Your program exceeded my expectations and I can only imagine the work that went into the planning and execution. So, I for one want you to know that all that work was very much appreciated. "

All my best, B.K., New York

"We really enjoyed our stay with you. Would love to come again next year. Thank you very much!"

A.S., Massachusetts

"From the booking of our reservations with you through the entire 10 day Passover program at the Doubletree SeaWorld in Orlando, everything was easy. Both catering and hotel staffs did their upmost to ensure a pleasant experience. We all had a wonderful time. The program exceeded our expectations and we thank you."

With best wishes, B.L.K., Illinois

"Thank you for making our Passover so memorable and enjoyable. It was a perfect Pesach, one that we hold very dear, where we're all together, and we're lucky to have found you and your team. Wishing u all the best and thanks for the photos!"

D.G., New York

"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for another wonderful Pesach in Orlando. My whole family that came had a great time and Mom gained 4 lbs, much needed. I must commend your wait staff also, they were amazing, polite and so accommodating... we've marked our calendars for next year!"

Have a good one, L.F., Florida

"My family had a wonderful time with your program. "

Thanks very much. C.M., Maryland

"I want to take a second to thank you for another fabulous Passover. As always everything was perfect. I appreciate everything done to make our families feel extra comfortable in our home away from home! Thanks for always looking after our every need and taking care of my parents before we all arrived. "

S.S., New York

"I want to thank you for the wonderful time you gave us. My whole family had a great time. It was a wonderful experience. The food was delicious. I wish it could have lasted longer. "

E.G., New York

"We attended your program in Orlando last year and it was a very positive experience. This was our first time attending a Passover program. We keep kosher, we're committed Jews, we wanted two Seders, and my husband wanted to attend Shabbat and holiday services, but we're also modern. We were looking for a program where we could be ourselves and "do our own thing" and we raised these concerns with the Elite Dimensions staff before we signed up. We were assured that the program could accommodate our needs and we were pleased to find that this was indeed true. We had a number of special requests which the Elite Dimensions staff went out of their way to accommodate. The food was plentiful and there were lots of options. We also discovered several new wine favorites. The weather was absolutely fabulous and we returned home feeling rested and relaxed, so for us, this program not only met our needs, it exceeded them!"

M.V., Washington

"A brief note to let you know and the staff know how wonderful this past Passover was. My compliments to you and the entire staff for a job well done. I hope we will be able to spend future Yom Tov's with you. All the very best. "

B.R., New York

"We just participated in the entire Passover observance with your program. We absolutely loved the program. We hope we will be able to repeat the experience next year. Our room was terrific and the staffing at meals was exceptional. Everyone, if we are able to return next year, please have 2 bottles of Bordeaux Delagrave Dry Wine chilled for every dinner at our table. Thank you for providing us with an overall excellent Passover experience."

M.G., North Carolina

"I left a message at the office, but I figured that you guys deserved a vacation from work, so, just wanted you to know how wonderful everything worked out this Pesach. Thank you for all you did on our behalf, for helping us with one of our grandsons, the birthday cakes, the rooms, etc., you were all so caring and on top of every detail. Have a wonderful year... With much appreciation"

A.E., Florida

"Allow me to tell you how much my entire family enjoyed our Passover holiday for 2013. This was by far the best you have ever done for Passover over the past 18 years. I told everyone that I was able to talk with about how wonderful the tour was and hope that next year they will all sign up to be with us in Orlando. Again thank you for organizing such a wonderful tour for 2013. "

E.S, Michigan

"We just received your brochure for the 2013 Passover program and I wanted to let you know how excited we are to spend another wonderful holiday with you in Orlando. Our family has been attending your program since 2007 and we can't stress enough how much we enjoy it and what a wonderful job you do. Regards, "

M.G., Ohio

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